God Takes Pleasure In His People

“For the Lord takes pleasure in his people;” (Psalm 149:4a)

What is it that you take pleasure in?

Finally sitting down at the end of the day? Finally allowing your head to hit the pillow? Experiencing the wonder and borderline miracle taste that is my bride’s Red Velvet cake? Watching a football game when your team’s at the top? Walking and talking with a friend over a good cup of coffee until you forget about time? Hearing someone say, “You were right, I’m sorry”?

We are pleasure-seeking creatures. We know that it means to take pleasure in or enjoy something. For me, almost every morning, it’s the first cup of coffee. I enjoy it naturally because I’m wired to appreciate a good cup of coffee.

Too often, though, we find our pleasure-seeking leads to a sinful end. We make things that are good become gods, and make things that we could otherwise enjoy into instruments of sin and shame. In the midst of our fallenness, we feel as though there is nothing that can really redeem us, nothing that can truly make us pure and good again.

This is where this truth hits us right in the heart: God takes pleasure in His people (Psalm 149:4).

In our culture, we are constantly barraged with all kinds of voices that try to put some value on a product or a person, and ultimately try to define who we are in light of what they think we should be. When we allow those people to define and determine our worth based on their own skewed understanding of humanity, we are believing a lie that can really do us damage.

Into this misinformation storm come the words of our heavenly Father to His children: “I take pleasure in you, you are mine, and I love you.” The more we can wrap our minds around that truth, the more the other voices seem to fade away. If I am a child of God, He takes pleasure in little ol’ me.


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