I am a husband to Danalinn Drake, father to four, and am the pastor of Brent Baptist Church in Brent, Alabama.  Originally, my wife and I are from Tuscaloosa, Alabama (#RollTide), so when Saturdays in the Fall come around, things get a bit rowdy around our house.  Of course, with four children under the age of ten, it’s rowdy the rest of the time too.

I grew up in a conservative Southern Baptist church, went to school at a conservative Southern Baptist seminary, and pastor a conservative Baptist church, but would consider myself a conservative Southern Baptist by conviction, not birth.  I hope to always be learning, always be improving in all areas of my life, by God’s grace, and growing in my affections for Christ until I get to see Him.  I hope to be unremarkable and unremembered, except by my Father in heaven.

When given the opportunity, I love to play video games, even the stupid little ones on my iPhone.  I also enjoy running while listening to fiction (today it’s J. R. R. Tolkein).  I love wrestling with my kids and making my Bride laugh, and I do both as often as possible.  That’s why I don’t blog very often.

If you’re still reading this, I pray you’re encouraged by what you read to love Jesus more.


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